Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Raising chickens for profit

I started out with one chicken,when I was young and ended up with 100 chickens.Then I sold them.
The reason I started raising Chickens again was the price of eggs.
Besides I like Brown eggs better than white eggs,I collect my eggs around 6 o'clock at night as if I was to leave them until morning,some might freeze.
I find the best chickens to raise here in North West Montana are Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks,as they are used to colder weather then your White Leghorns.
Any way I have 30 hens at present and they are producing 20 to 22 eggs a day.
They seem to do better when it gets warm.I keep my chickens locked up as there are coyotes,skunks and Hawks flying around.
Also fox love chicken for dinner.
As I stated before the people around here also like brown eggs,so I make money selling to them,plus a few Restaurants buy from me.I intend to get around 100 hens as time goes on and I find more outlets for my eggs.

How to tell the difference between a hard boiled egg or uncooked egg.
If you hold up two eggs and one is hard-boiled and the other is uncooked, you might need to know which is hard boiled.
Simply spin them carefully on a counter. The hard-boiled egg spins and the uncooked egg doesn't. The reason is because the hard-boiled egg is solid so everything spins in one direction, while the inside of the raw egg moves in different directions and,hence, doesn't allow it to spin. Try the method for yourself..

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